Commercial Coverage Descriptions


Aircraft Liability Coverage

Liability coverage protects those who are covered by the policy against suits brought by others who claim that they have suffered injury or that their property has been damaged. The claim must result from the ownership, maintenance or use of the airplane.

Aircraft Physical Damage (Hull) Coverage

Also called "hull" coverage, this coverage protects the aircraft on an 'all risk' basis, meaning that the aircraft is covered against any cause of loss unless specifically excluded. Excluded items typically include things like mechanical breakdown, ordinary wear and tear, confiscation or war, loss of value and loss of use. You can buy coverage while the airplane is not in motion on the ground, or  on the ground and in flight.

Airmeet Liability and Related Coverages

Provides liability coverage for the organizers of airshows, fly-ins, hot air balloon events, air racing and other similar activities.  In addition to liability coverage, you can purchase weather insurance to cover losses due to the cancellation of your event due to weather.

Airport Operations Liability Coverage

This insurance covers bodily injury, sickness or disease sustained by a person and physical injury to tangible property, including all resulting loss of use of that property that arises out of  the ownership, maintenance, use or provision of premises, services and facilities necessary to the operation of the airport, including ways and means immediately adjoining the airport.  It is similar to a commercial general liability policy that a non-aviation business would carry.

Aviation Products & Completed Operations Liability Coverage

Airport owners and operators may also obtain product liability coverage to insure against claims of third parties arising from malfunction of parts or products supplied to the owners and operators and used in the repair or maintenance of equipment or otherwise resold to the third parties.  Products Liability may be broadly split into aircraft sales and FBO (repair and service) and manufacturers products.

Aviation product liability can be purchased as part of an airport operations liability policy or as a separate policy for airframe or component manufacturers. We have experience with all types of aviation product liability policies, including airframe, engine and kit aircraft manufacturers and overhaulers.  This coverage also benefits providers of certain aviation services such as maintenance and repair facilities.

Commercial Vehicle Coverage

Commercial vehicles can include service trucks, as well as courtesy or rental cars available at an FBO. The on-premises auto coverage (part of your airport operations liability policy) and the business auto coverage that covers the vehicle on public roadways have to work together or you can wind up drastically over-insured in one area and dangerously under-insured in the other.

Contractual Liability

Provides protection to the insured in the event a loss occurs for which liability is assumed, express or implied, under a written contract.  This is often included in a Commercial General Liability or Airport Operations Liability policy.

Excess Liability Coverage

Excess Liability Policies are designed to provide coverage after the primary (underlying) policy limits have been exhausted. The coverage provided may not be as broad as the primary (underlying)  policy. An excess limit of aviation hull or liability policy combined with the proper primary limit can provide much higher limits of protection for your commercial aviation business at competitive prices.

Fuel Trucks and Tanks Coverage

Fuel trucks and fuel storage tanks should be insured against damage and theft, as well as against any damage generated by the fuel itself. We have solutions to insure both tanks and contents, as well as pollution liability and on-premises vehicle and equipment liability. Often, less-experienced agents will forget to insure the fuel that is in your trucks and tanks against loss or contamination.

Garagekeepers Liability Coverage

This coverage provides protection against loss or damage to the property of others kept in or about the airport garage. It provides coverage to owners of storage garages, parking lots, etc. for liability for damage to automobiles left in their custody.

Hangarkeepers Liability Coverage

This coverage provides protection against loss or damage to the aircraft of others in your care, custody or control or while the aircraft is being serviced, handled or repaired by you and  that takes place on the premises of the airport.

Host Liquor Liability

Provides protection for businesses against bodily injury or property damage suits brought by parties injured as a result of an intoxicated guest who was served alcohol at an event you hosted. Host liquor liability is a coverage that is included under the commercial general liability policy for those businesses not "in the business of" serving, manufacturing, distributing, selling, serving or providing alcohol.

Office and Hangar Property Coverage

We offer comprehensive property insurance solutions for airport hangars, buildings, offices, property, contents, mobile equipment, automobile and business interruption all of which are unique exposures that demand specialized expertise and are most often excluded on non-aviation policies.  We can also cover your moving equipment such as fuel trucks, tugs and maintenance equipment as it works around the airport.

Personal and Advertising Liability

This insurance covers you for damages you are legally obligated to pay because of "personal injury" (physical injuries, libel, slander, invasion of privacy, malicious prosecution, wrongful eviction, defamation of character, and discrimination) or "advertising injury" (an offense committed in the course of advertising your goods, products or services) resulting from your aviation operation.

Pollution Liability Coverage

Both Site and Tank Pollution liability coverage are available. Most of the time, storage tank pollution liability provides adequate protection, if both fuel trucks and fuel are also adequately insured. The premium savings can be as much as 90%, but it's critical that you have the right kind of pollution coverage for your fueling operation.

Premises Liability Coverage

Premises liability coverage for airport owners and operators may cover a wide variety of occurrences, depending on the size of the airport and its passenger volume. Typically, policies for airport owners and operators cover liability to third parties for injuries occurring anywhere on airport property, including parking lots, walkways, elevators, and escalators. Such policies are likely also to cover any injuries arising out of activities necessary or incidental to airport activities.

Rental and Instruction Coverage

Rental and Instruction is a “limited commercial” coverage. This means the use of the insured airplane is for rental to student pilots for the purpose of receiving dual instruction for a charge and rental to student pilots for the purpose of supervised solo flight in conjunction with flight instruction. In addition, limited commercial traditionally includes rental of the insured airplane to pilots who have a pilot certificate and medical certificate appropriate to the airplane being flown, including an appropriate check out.

Workers' Compensation Coverage

Workers' Compensation coverage protects your employees in the event that they are injured while acting on your behalf. It is closely regulated, and claims that are or should be covered by workers' compensation are not covered by other policies. Part-time, contract and seasonal employees can further complicate the matter. Be sure you have a workers' compensation expert on your side, or you could face a costly audit or state fine. We have several programs available, including the NATA and NBAA workers' comp programs.


Whether your concerns are premium savings, risk management strategies, policy coverage, or enhanced liability limits, we can provide a coverage proposal to meet your needs.  Fill out our Quick Quote form today with a little information about your business, aircraft and flying operations and we’ll help get you competitive insurance quotes from our top-rated insurance partners and offer you expert advice on liability limits that will protect you and your business.